Delivery and payment


It is possible to pick up online orders at any of our Prominent stores.

Delivery is possible within Prague with post code 1XX XX and post code 251 00 up to 251 69


In eshop you can pay by

→ online payment 

→ bank transfer  

→ by cash or card during pick up at our store..


Overpayments/underpayment with payment by card

In the eshop you order whole packages that have an approximate weight (for example 300g, 600g, 1 kg etc.)

→ If the actual weight is lower, you pay only for the delivered quantity.

→  If the actual weight is higher, you pay only the ordered quantity. You will not be charged for the higher weight. 

For example whole turkey weighs around 6 to 10kg. You put in the basket 1 package of 10 kg. You pay the price either by online payment or bank transfer only when the actual weight is known therefore if there is an overpayment it will be returned to your account. 

If you choose to pay by cash, you will be charged for the exact amount and weights that you are purchasing.

If you order a 10 kg turkey and the turkey you get in your order weighs over 10kg, you will pay the price of the 10kg turkey and you will not be charged for the extra weight.

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